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      Patio Door Cut Out

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      Converting windows into patio doors and cutting out new doors has been an increasingly popular project. With the rise of the work-from-home culture, homeowners are looking to improve light and air circulation in their homes.

      A new patio door can also offer convenient access to a backyard or a deck where there isn’t one. Creating separate access will allow you to find new ways to enjoy your property and get a better view of it too.

      Cutting out a new patio door

      The scope of your patio door conversion will depend on your existing circumstances. In the best-case scenario, you would have an existing window that’s wide enough to fit a patio door and the window would simply need to be cut down to enlarge the height and allow a patio door to fit. Unfortunately, that is a rare occurrence. In most cases, the window would have to be enlarged both horizontally and vertically to fit the door.

      Depending on the location of the new door, there have been situations where we had to brick up an adjacent window and create a patio door right next to it.

      When deciding on the location of your new patio door, you should consider the location of your existing window or opening and the ideal door placement that would best fit your needs.

      Interior finishing and drywalling

      While exposing the drywall on the inside, it is also important to look out for electrical wires and other wires that may be running below or above the window. The presence of a nearby outlet can suggest the presence of electrical wires but the only way to know is to expose the drywall. It is a good idea to have an electrician on standby in case electrical wires have to be moved. The same goes for the internet and other cables that may be interfering.

      When the drywall has been exposed, the new patio door will need to be framed properly in order to hold the weight of the door. Spray foam and other means will be used to seal the door to prevent moisture and air from entering.

      In some cases, stretches of drywall or siding will have to be replaced. This means that refinishing and painting may be required around the interior or exterior of your new patio door. Although we usually try to avoid this outcome, it’s required under some circumstances.

      Patio Door structural support

      Enlarging a window into a patio door often requires structural work. Our team will use a specialized saw to cut the exterior. Whether it’s brick, concrete or siding we will use the appropriate tools to minimize dust and debris. Unlike other companies, our installers are comfortable with all kinds of cuts and can perform the work in a short period of time.

      If the exterior is made of brick, a steel lintel will also be added to support the brick above.

      On the interior, proper framing would need to be installed in order to provide proper support. That means that the studs and header would need to be installed and properly supported.

      Cost to Convert a Window into a Patio Door

      The cost of a patio door conversion project can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. The material being cut into, the size of the door, the presence of an existing window or opening etc. That is why we offer free at-home estimates before you commit to going ahead with any project.

      That being said, pricing can range from approximately $3000 and up for a cut-down (cutting down from an existing window) and approximately $4000 and up for a full cut (creating a patio door where there isn’t one).

      Patio Door Mini Blinds

      Our patio doors can also be outfitted with miniblinds. These are specialized blinds that are installed inside the patio door glass unit. These blinds are operated with a latch and provide privacy. For those that don’t like the look and functionality of vertical blinds, miniblinds are a great option to consider.

      Why Us?

      Trust our team for your window installation project. We start by offering a free consultation to create a plan for your project. By consulting with one of our professional installers (not a salesman),  we can help you navigate the entire process and make sure you understand the scope and requirements.

      Choosing a professional installer will help you avoid costly mistakes. Especially when digging and excavation are involved, it’s important to have an experienced professional to navigate the process. Improper installation and draining of below-grade windows will cause water to accumulate and slowly leak into the living space. Faulty insulation and sealing can be costly on your monthly energy bill so saving money by doing it yourself can cost you more in the long run.

      We pride ourselves on being incredibly efficient. We work for longer hours than other crews to complete the job and clean up on the same day. This means less hassle and interruption for you and your family.

      Call us today to get a free consultation from one of our certified professionals.

      Serving All Of Greater Toronto

      Serving All Of Greater Toronto

      At High Level, our unique culture and core values continue to play an important role in our long-term success. Our passion for what we do combined with hard work and a disciplined approach to complete each customers project is what drives us.


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