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      BOMAN KEMP - Steel Window Wells

      Egress Window Well, Pour in Place Window, Buck Frame, safety Grates, Cover, Ladder Toronto Ontario Canada

      Most basements are dark because of their small windows but adding Boman Kemp’s larger egress windows and window wells allow for more light and a secondary escape route in case of fire, flood, or any other emergency. The typical window well is constructed from corrugated galvanized steel and are not aesthetically pleasing. Boman Kemp window wells allow for a modern apartment feel providing extra light safety and a weatherproof grey “stone wall” interior finish.

      Corrugated steel window wells are available in widths from 24” to 120” and numerous depths and projections. We stock the largest variety and quantity while offering the lowest prices in Ontario.

      Product line includes Easy-Buck, Easy-Well, Double Insulated Vinyl Window, Safety Grate, Lexan Cover and Escape Ladder.

      Easy Buck

      The Easy Buck is factory manufactured for easy installation with wood or aluminum forms.  Mounting screws are included with our buck for easy hanging of our window well.

      Easy Well

      The Easy-Well™ (or Basement Window Well) is used to keep earth away from basement windows.

      It is designed to bolt directly to Easy-Buck™, or can be bolted to the wall during basement remodeling.

      Made from heavy-duty 18 gauge galvanized steel, with a white, or stacked stone enamel paint finish.

      It features a 1″ profile with expertly designed, double-ribbed corners for added strength, reducing the need for extra bracing.

      Window (Dual and Tripled Glazzed)

      The double insulated vinyl window comes equipped with a sliding sash, screen, and is lockable from the inside.

      It is available in white and almond color, and is also allow in both Low-E and tempered glass.

      Installing these quality basement egress windows are a snap with the patented connection system on the Easy-Buck™.

      All of our windows are compliant with IRC egress requirements.

      Safety Grate

      High quality, Safety Window Well Grates keep children and animals from falling into the Easy-Well™.

      The Safety Grate is made of rolled angle iron steel, and steel safety bars. It is designed to hold up to 600 pounds, although it’s not meant for foot traffic.

      It easily slides off on a rubber grommet so that even a small child can remove the Safety Grate and climb out of the Basement Window in the event of an emergency.

      Lexan Cover

      The Polycarbonate Window Well Covers keep snow, leaves, excess water, debris and other material from entering the Window Easy-Well™.

      Made from durable, high quality polycarbonate plastic, they are manufactured to ensure life-long protection of your Easy Well™.

      One of the most beneficial aspects of our Polycarbonate Covers is that they allow the natural light from outside to shine through the Basement Windows and into your living space.

      Polycarbonate Covers slide off with the Safety Grate to easily allow for egress in the case of emergency, as per IRC code.

      Escape Ladder

      The safety Escape Ladder is designed to assist people in an emergency escape (or egress).

      They can also be used by emergency personal to enter the basement through the Window Well for rescue / emergency situations.

      The Escape Ladder hangs in the back of the Easy-Well™, and is required in Window Wells that are deeper than 44” per IRC 2003.

      Ladder sizes are available in 4′, 5′ and 6′ lengths. Installation holes are provided for easy, permanent attachment. Available colors are white or taupe.

      Serving All Of Greater Toronto

      Serving All Of Greater Toronto

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